Stay Informed and Ready to Act in the Face of Amazon with this “How-To” Kit
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Focusing on technology and innovation in the refrigerated and frozen foods industry, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods offers suppliers an integrated and innovative portfolio of products designed to reach key decision makers in plant operations, production, packaging, engineering and logistics.

Mark Tisdale, Publisher Food Engineering and Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
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Stay Informed and Ready to Act in the Face of Amazon with this “How-To” Kit
All product companies—distributors, manufacturers and retailers alike—find themselves feeling the impact of Amazon in one way or another.

Amazon continues to set the standard for things like personalized shopping experiences and quick delivery—all while blurring the lines between the B2C and B2B experience. Companies must stay up to date with Amazon’s impacts and be prepared to act—whether that means partnering with, or competing against, Amazon.
Access this Amazon “How-To” Kit to unlock relevant statistics, reports and resources to help you stay up-to-date and competitive in the face of Amazon.
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